Q: What exactly is ‘the beach’?
A: In 1959 Edward Trethewey subdivided his land for the purpose of selling lots. Mr. Trethewey donated additional land known as the beach under a legal agreement that stipulated a Society be formed which is to conform to a number of binding agreements.

*** A copy of the original contract between Mr. Trethewey and the members of the Society can be found on the AGM & More page in the Member’s section

Q: Who ‘owns’ this beach?

A: Owners of lots, by way of incorporating a Society for the purpose of holding ownership of the beach in their corporate name.

Q: When was the Society formed?

A: It was also formed in 1959, formally called the Trethewey Subdivision Beach Society, and it’s mandate is/was to execute the binding agreements.

Q: Does the Society have a Constitution?

A: Yes. A new constitution was adopted at the 2012 AGM.  A copy is on our website.

Q: What are the some of the key legal agreements?

A: The beach will…

  • Always be operated for the benefit and use of owners of lots in the Subdivision and under no circumstances will the land be sold, mortgaged or otherwise encumbered
  • Never be used to give anyone private profits or benefits. It is only to be used for the mutual benefit of all owners in the Subdivision
  • Shall never be subdivided
  • Will be governed by the Society, which will form rules and regulations for the efficient operation and use of the beach.

Q: Who can be a member?

A: It is restricted to persons owning lots in the Trethewey Subdivision. Each member shall have one vote (multiple owners have one vote in total for the lot).